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Shenzhen Renchuangyi electronic co.LTD is built in the year 2000,as a HAL foundry at the first And own a good reputation in the PCB industrial in South China. In 2006, company invested much money in PCB full process production and develops rapidly in few years .Now; it has a rapid promotion in the equipment automation and process capacity. Now company has a more than 400 staff members, factory areas 10000 Square meters. monthly product 2-26 layer high-tech PCB 20000 Square meters even more , accumulative investment is 100 million RMB Company has branded production equipment and inspection equipment from home and abroad, can rapidly take over big, middle and small patch and all kinds of rigid board, flex-ragid board and special board .

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PCB factory Trident Q2 revenue hits a new high record   2018-2-1
Thailand's second largest PCB maker Trident publishes announcement in June, new orders and new customers continue to inject, coupl
Flex PCB & Rigid-flex PCB   2018-2-1
Flexible PCB or FPC is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible based material with or
Castellated-Hole-PCB   2018-2-1
The higher level of plated edges is the so called half-hole technology for printed circuits, also named as Castellations PCB or Ca
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