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  • 2018.4 20
    How to control the bow and twist of PCB?
    The IPC-6012 provides max. bow and twist not exceed 0.75% for the PCB from SMB to SMT. This article will show you how to control the bow and twist of PCB.Let's find out the prevention methods of PCB bow and twist: 1. Engineering design. The arrangement of PP between layers should correspond one-to-one;Core and PP should use the same brand products for mutilayer PCB. The inner and outer copper area should be close, and dummy copper can be added when necessary. 2. Baking lamination before cutting. It is generally required to bake 150 degrees for 6 to 10 hours to remove moisture from the board and making the resin solidifies completely. 3. Aligned the warp and weft of prepreg for mutilayer PCB.
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  • 2018.4 19
    PCB's carrying capacity of electric current
    The carrying capacity of copper foil with different thickness and different width is shown in the following table: current(A) Width(mm) current(A) Width(mm) current(A) Width(mm) 6.00 2.50 5.10 2.50 4.50 2.50 5.10 2.00 4.30 2.00 4.00 2.00 4.20 1.50 3.50 1.50 3.20 1.50 3.60 1.20 3.00 1.20 2.70 1.20
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  • 2018.4 18
    The factors affecting in PCB cost
    We care more about layout and wiring during we design a PCB project,and often ignore the extra PCB manufacturing cost in the design.This article discusses which factors in the design affect PCB prices and avoid increasing costs to customers. 1.Number of layers.More layers more easy to layout, but the price increases with the number of layers, and the higher the layers, the higher the price. 2.Via hole.As far as possible use 0.25mm above, if the via hole diameter less than 0.25mm, most of manufacturers will collect extra cost. 3.Via in pad.Usually the manufacturer wants to increase the cost.Try not to use it unless the signal and layout are limited.
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  • 2018.4 17
    Three difficult points in disposing high-concentration organic wastewater of PCB manufacturing
    With the rapid development of China's economy, industry pollution is increasingly polluting the environment, government oversight is getting tougher for the standard discharge of waste water.It is imperative to recycle sewage. High-concentration organic wastewater was produced during PCB manufacturing,but there is no authoritative survey of pollutants in China so far. This article will state three difficult points in disposing high-concentration organic wastewater of PCB manufacturing.
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  • 2018.4 16
    Widely used softwares for PCB design
    1.Altium Designer. A new generation IC board-level design software, suitable for Windows XP system. It is the first software which integrated the design flow, PCB integration design, FPGA design of programmable devices, and embedded software based on processor design. it has all the functions needed to transform the design from concept to final product. 2.Cadence.concept,allegro and orcad are all belong to Cadence.Cadence has introduced Orcad's strong schematic design capture CIS along with its original schematic design concept HDL,allegro and other signal simulation tools, collectively referred to as Cadence PSD, and is now called SPB.
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