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Renchuangyi (RCY) is an integrated PCB manufacturer, having strongly technical capability supporting, also having rich experiences in PCB manufacturing industrials. We are offering “one stop service” from sample to mass production for our customer. We implementing market oriented sales strategy, sale to Europe, North America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.



Our product structure is major on 4-8 layer rigid PCB, specified layer structure breakdown as below data: D/L 15%, 4/L 20%, 6/L 20%, 8/L 30%, 10/L and above 10%, Rigid-flex 5%. We have obvious technical advantage in the multi-layer and rigid-flex PCB manufacturing. This year we had invested Taiwan VIGOR Medium-Sized Vacuum Laminating Presses and automatic reflow machine, further expanded our production capacity.



 Our company has over 15 years of experience in PCB manufacturing; accumulating actively customers up to more than 1000 in different industrial areas, which include: automotive electronics, industrial control, security, consumer, communications, medical, power supply, aerospace and etc industrial. We are trustworthy in product quality!



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