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Flex PCB & Rigid-flex PCB Update:2/1/2018 1:42:20 AM

  Flexible PCB or FPC is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible based material with or without flexible coverlay. These flexible electronic assemblies may be fabricated using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards, but allowing the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its application.

  Rigid-flex PCB are the electronic boards using a combination of flexible and rigid PCB board technologies in an application, Most rigid flex PCB consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending upon the design of the application. Rigid flex design doesn't just maximize space and weight but greatly improves reliability.

Flexible circuit and Rigid flex circuit are used extensively in applications and industries including:

● Communicatio

● Industrial

● Consumer Electronic

● Aerospace

● Automotive

● Military

● Medical

● Transportatio

With a large number of investments on the facilities of flexible printed circuit board and continuously innovating the flexible circuit board manufacturing technology, Our Flex PCB Group is able to provide our customers with flexible PCB as well as Rigid-flex PCB with a great variety of technologies, from simple single-sided flex board to complex multilayer flexible PCB and Rigid-flex PCB. If you're looking for production of flexible printed circuit board or Rigid-flex PCB, our experts are there to assist you with every step of the process at the best value.

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