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The merits and demerits of common surface treatment in PCB industry(I-Ag) Update:4/13/2018 1:02:10 AM

7.  Immersion silver

Immersion sliver is difficult between OSP and ENIG.Even when it exposed to hot, wet and pollution, silver can keep good weldability but will lose its luster.The I-Ag does not have the good physical strength of the ENIG, because there is no nickel below the silver layer.

Merits: Simple process, suitable for lead-free soldering SMT.The surface is very smooth, low cost, suitable for fine lines.

Demerits: Storage conditions are high and easy to pollute;Problems with welding strength (microcavity);It is easy to show the phenomenon of electrical migration and cavitating in the copper under the resistance welding film.

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