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What mean about "green material"? Update:5/12/2018 3:15:41 AM

Many MI engineers used to confuse with "green material",lots of overseas coustomers defined that must use the "green material" in production.But what mean about "green material"? Green color material or the materials which compliant to any environmental standards?

The green material in PCB industry usually refer to the raw material(prepreg and laminate) that typically compliant to UL-94 V0 flammability ratings specifically achieved without the use of brominated flame-retardants. All prepregs and laminates we using are meet the green requirement. 

RCYPCB is a Green PCB Enterprise, comply with environmental regulations, energy saving and waste reduction. Protect the earth, taking good care of the environment and preventive action for the continuous development are the responsibility of us.

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