Cusp PCB drills for circuit board suppliers is in shortage


PCB manufacturing process Micro drills manufacturer Cusp Technology, after providing outsource drilling and drill grinding service for the printed circuit board supplier, it has consolidated the market share in the field of PCB drills, cusp Technology has benefited by PCB manufacturers next season on both sides to enhance the utilization rate significantly inject its revenues for three consecutive months highs on, its second-quarter revenue to 797 million yuan is also a new high performance


The Cusp Technology got revenue of 797 million yuan in 2014 Q2 with a new high, but also the growth of 23.45% compared with the first quarter revenues of 646 million yuan.


Cusp Technology today announced the revenue of June 2014 was 283 million yuan, continued a single month record high revenues, increased 6.81 percent compared with last month, the same month last year, growing 26.12%. Cusp Technology from January to June this year, total revenues amounted to 1.443 billion yuan, representing an increase of 17.69%.


Cusp Technology 2014 first quarter earnings report revenues of 646 million yuan, 66.38 million yuan net income, representing growth of 12.65%, after-tax earnings per share reached 0.42 yuan, following the April highs revenue to 250 million yuan after , May revenue then to a record 265 million yuan, compared with the main PCB factories clients improve capacity utilization, including sales and generation of drill drilling business volume growth driven by rising revenues.


Cusp has the production lines in Taiwan and Shanghai with the monthly production of micro drills up to 20 million pcs, with taking strategies to offer outsource drilling and drill grinding service to the printed circuit board supplier, it had bur 27%-28% global market share in 2013. Due to the PCB industry recovery and new customers in the second quarter of this year , the sales of April and May create continuous high records, Cusp chairman Lin Ting also describe the current PCB drills sales situation of the company is indeed a "shortage."


Meanwhile, Cusp has currently been working on entering into precision metal cutting, turning tools fields, and selected Chengdu as the development base, and has decided to invest 27 million yuan to set up Chengdu sharp points Precision Tools Co., Ltd, and on the next step investment action.