Circuit board supplier Xinxing got a 10% increase in Q2


Printed circuit board supplier Xinxing has gotten strong and robust demand from the mobile phone communications in the second quarter, with HDI, IC carrier capacity utilization, Its revenue has reached NT 15.087 billion yuan, an increase of 10%.


Xinxing announced its revenues of NT $ 4.996 billion yuan in June, the annual increase of 4.69%; accrued before June this year, revenue 28.643 billion yuan, representing a decline of 3.96% over the same period in 2013.


The consolidated revenues of Xinxing 2014 first quarter is 13.556 billion yuan, the gross profit margin rose to 9.2%, the industry turnaround, single-season net income of about 057 million yuan, after-tax earnings per share (EPS) of 0.06 yuan.


Xinxing has returned to iPhone supply chain from 2014, the management is optimistic about the second half of the revenue tonic, better than the first half performance, the supply demand  of Anylayer density interconnect (HDI) is strong.


In addition, the new PCB factory for ball grid array (BGA) Flip (FlipChip) will be the carrier board certification, production, market bullish in Intel blessing, productivity performance visibility is good, 2014 to celebrate the turning point, the follow-up of 2 years working expected to re-up.