PCB factory Huatong Q3 results point to 20% quarterly growth


As the Apple printed circuit board supplier  Huatong, estimated at upwards quarter by quarter this year, the results will show a favorable trend of rising in the second half of 2014 under Apple's new products will be launched handset iPhone 6 inject momentum, legal estimation Hua through the first three quarters of revenue growth quarter growth rate of 15-20%;


Listed PCB manufacturer Huaotng has a new PCB factory in Chongqing Fuling first phase adding 150,000 square feet of production capacity to inject a month in the second half of 2014,, plus the launch of Apple's new iPhone 6 which will highly push HDI PCB production needs, contribute to quarter by quarter's results showed upward in 2014. At present Taiwan Huatong HDI PCB factory capacity is the second behind the UMC.


Huatong 2014 second quarter includes two multilayer and HDI board capacity utilization of products in the field while entering more than 80% of the grade; while HDI plant in Chongqing, China through new capacity added in the third quarter results for the Watertown inject the benefits will be very obvious .


Huatong is the circuit board supplier for Apple's entire product, its new HDI PCB factory located in Chongqing Fuling will be into the first mass production in the third quarter of this year, which will open a 15,000 sq.m HDI board capacity per month; For inject the highly strong demand of PCB production capacity by the Apple introduced the iPhone 6