PCB factory should get breakthrough by technology management


In the 1980s the output of China PCB factory was less than 100 million yuan, now, China PCB industry accounts for over 40% of global output. In stark contrast to the PCB industry sluggish growth in other countries and regions in the past 10 years, China PCB sales are average annual growth rate of more than 10%. From catch to surpass China PCB industry have gone through an extraordinary journey. In this regard, the analysis Yip Sum Yin said: "Europe and the United States have pulled out of large volume PCB production model, and now China is the world's largest pcb  factory base, soon expected to account for 60% of global output, and the scientific and technological content will increasingly higher. "


"But the China PCB manufacturers can not sit back and relax, we still have to upgrade the direction of long-term adherence, placed in front of practitioners still very arduous task." Yip Sum Yin also noted. On the one hand China electronics industry is facing increasingly severe external situation. In recent years, the electronics manufacturing industry affected by the weak demand, growth efforts began to weaken, the overall growth of the industry weakness, lack of growth momentum, affecting the growth of PCB factories. At the same time, rising costs, dividend policy and other factors are constantly disappearing affect the development of printed circuit board supplier,  China PCB manufacturer need to strengthen the technical capacity to meet market demand, grasp the rhythm of the global electronics industry.


Market and technology is the bases to exist in the electronics industry, PCB industry is no exception. Development of high-end circuit board manufacturing, strengthen technological innovation and new product development, at the same time expanding the domestic market, make the company stronger. "Yip Sum Yin said, the company built its own R & D team to develop new technology, new products, new materials and other technical difficulties breakthrough so far, the company put on the red plate advanced equipment has more than 600 million dollars, for the company to open up new markets in future. red board company from a single sided, double sided to multilayer, from high-density circuit board to FPC, Rigid-Flex PCB, changes in each type of product is a field technology revolution, and accompanied by improvement in technology, the use of circuit boards and more widely, output also will be expanding rapidly.


"But really driving the PCB factories forward are not the advanced equipment, but the team. the talent competition is the key competition among enterprises, especially for high-tech production areas in particular. Only the ones have invested heavily in staff training annually and the re-education through improving the quality of managers push their overall competitiveness. "Yip Sum Yin stressed. not only begin preparations for vocational training professional schools, but also with Nanchang University to establish a close working relationship, scholars and students take full advantage of the power of innovation, but also give the school the student research grants and to provide on-site training opportunities. Walking employees and companies work together road of sustainable development.