Build green PCB factory with forward-thinking


Now, with the market competition, rising costs of human resources, environmental protection issues have become a major problem the PCB factory industry has to face. Ministry of Industry and Information File (2012) No. 586 stated that in order to implement the "industrial cleaner production implementation of the" Twelfth Five-Year "plan", key industries to accelerate the application of advanced clean production and promotion of cleaner production to improve the industry level, the organization has prepared 6 industries to implement cleaner production technologies program. Green production is the challenge that China PCB manufacturers must face.


"Our goal is to become the world famous high-density printed circuit board supplier, so the corporate image-building needs to have higher requirements. we make commitments to take an environmentally responsible approach to its operations and effective implementation environmental Management system (EMS) in its development. " awe-inspiring presentation based on leaf, the company insists the environmental aspects of green and clean PCB production, has invited the Hong Kong productivity Council is a company designed a set of advanced wastewater treatment systems, sewage treatment to ensure stability and compliance emissions, while regular occupational health monitoring, environmental monitoring, to ensure the health and safety of employees.


In order to ensure that the environmental management system can be properly and thoroughly implemented, the company executed a strict regime of green PCB manufacturing and environmental management. Its environmental infrastructure investment of nearly 50 million Yuan, built a environmental management system according to ISO14001: 2004 requirements, in July 2012 obtained a certificate by LRQA certification authority, and. It also actively promotes clean production technology, jointly developed with the business-friendly environment experiment, and the first-line treatment of advanced widespread adoption of recycling and reuse processes and hazardous chemical waste recycling and safe disposal technologies to achieve energy conservation efforts create a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" enterprise. Meanwhile, the company is also actively developing and cross-age materials produced by the application of low-carbon low networked intelligent computer management techniques.


Emphasis on green PCB manufacturing gives the company high returns. During the interview, a case Yip Sum Yin relished is that in May 2012, Germany Siemens and its China sourcing team, with expert intermediary audit agency Intertek 10 persons, on its PCB factory for a week of social audits, Intertek company ultimately affirmed the company's achievements, issued a "green certificate of Achievement," which is the first China PCB manufacturer to receive this honor.


The company has always placed the social responsibility on a extremely important position, and  it enhances the corporate value and therefore, is not in contradiction between the two. Endeavour leaves awe-inspiring indomitable fighting spirit, achievements of his hopes and dreams, to create one of their own vast blue sky, the full realization of the value of their own life, all this confirms the humble Endeavour Mr. Ye Senran positive control ship of the PCB factory company, through the waves, sail, contributed to the development of their own social forces, and describe a new chapter of the times.