PCB factories build known brands by credit operating


The healthy development of PCB factories is inseparable from the right soil and environment, companies in their expanding scale, it should also enhance and value social responsibility, in orbit government policies and regulations. Meanwhile, the PCB manufacturers themselves should be committed to industrial upgrading and enhance the level of craftsmanship and technology, strengthen brand building, enhance brand value, increase product added value, so that PCB products to meet the changing needs of electronic information products. RCT PCB goal is to become a world-renowned printed circuit board supplier, so the corporate image-building has higher requirements.


"Good faith" wins the world. Ye Senran usually says: "We need to have the integrity to customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and the community", only credit management, we will go further, "The integrity of the business but also for the company to establish a good brand. Due to the operation Mr. Ye Senran has won the "outstanding Entrepreneur", "advanced individual award" by the provincial and municipal recognition and reward, and under his leadership the PCB factory company also received "Jiangxi advanced enterprise "and" export large "," high-tech enterprise "," the main business income exceeded one billion Yuan enterprises "," Jiangxi Province famous Brand "," Jiangxi Province "and many other awards.


"An enterprise should do for its clients, employees and the country. No big ambition for the state and the nation’s, the business is never grow up." Yip Sum Yin said. Since its establishment, in 2010 the country ranked the PCB industry is 29th, 2011 for the 21th, 2012 ranking jumped to 15th, Yip Sum Yin said confidently: to enter into industry top 100 ranking in the top 10 within a decade , becoming an international PCB manufacturing and research and development of advanced companies.