PCB board equipment suppliers need to remain cautious with time in the second half of 2014


The PCB industry remains boom stable in 2014, the printed circuit board supplies enter into the high-end products to compete simultaneously on both sides PCB factory expansion, such as King Master Taiwan, Yan Xing, Jing Peng and other PCB manufacturers are to build a new factory to increase production capacity, Watertown, Tripod, Zhichao the west mainland layout, PCB factory as Jingwang continent, Suntak, Hirotoshi, Shennan and CCL plant Shengyi have expansion plans, increase productivity throughout the multilayer, HDI, heat the substrate to the IC substrate all kinds of products, coupled with overseas Ibiden, CMK, KCE other industry, the first half of Taiwan's PCB equipment industry orders hot, visibility also direct the third quarter far.

Exposure machine manufacturer ChuanBao has got consolidated revenue of NT $ 793 million Yuan in the first half of 2014, the annual increase of 16.21 percent as much; AOI equipment supplier Machvision has got consolidated revenue of 181 million Yuan in second quarter, quarter by 29.09%, dried process equipment manufacturers CSUN and wet process plant Yang Bo second quarter revenue growth is also watching the 2-digit quarter degree; among them, Yang Bo Japanese customer orders in warm, driven device shipments to grow quarter by quarter, and shipped to high-end etching process equipment based, growth will be better than 2013, the first full-year results for the third quarter will be the best season; add up Bo agency recently into the semiconductor packaging and testing materials season, demand is very buoyant in the first half is expected to push up revenues better than the same period in 2013.

But industry, said it is strong performance in the 2nd, 3rd quarter, but the economy situation may change rapidly, the PCB factory customers’ orders from higher equipment shipments stay uncertain in the second half of the year, so the third quarter after demand still prudent to right.