China Taiwan PCB factories output value will exceed $ 20 billion


Taiwan PCB Industry Association (TPCA) will publish the white paper of promotion of PCB industry on the 22nd; the goal is to create a vision of trillion dollar industry in 2020. Corporate estimates, this year China Taiwan PCB factories will be synchronized with the global economic recovery, Taiwan output value will exceed $ 20 billion, annual growth of 3.8%, ranking the world's largest.


Taiwan flex printed circuit board suppliers have a pivotal position in the global PCB industry, which includes Apple supply chain, flex pcb manufacturer F-Zhen, Toju, KaYi; flex board material upstream supplier such as FCCL plant Taiho ,new Janko, Asiaelec.


Rigid PCB factories includes traditional pcb manufacturers and HDI PCB manufacturer two parts, major manufacturers including Tripod, Huatong, Yan Xing, Yaohua, Zhichao, Hansboard.