PCB factory orders obviously good in Q3



listed PCB factory Jozo has remained the revenue at the level of 383 million yuan in the first quarter of 2014 and second quarter of single-quarter, and is getting operating profits in a single quarter, but after the "Five after six absolutely poor "in the off-season, which is currently in mainland China and Taiwan pcb factory orders, are under growing energy-efficient LED lighting market appears warming trend.

Jozo gets the revenue growth momentum in the third quarter from the demand for LED lighting aluminum heat plate growth, while the LCD panel has also appeared with aluminum heat sink orders go up trend, estimated overall will have revenue growth over the second quarter the situation is still the main market for the use of energy-efficient LED lighting to improve acceptance, while the good wishes of the client's strong demand has improved significantly the pattern of revenue caused.

With the analysis of Jozo PCB production by product type,  the aluminum heat sink plate proportion of revenues accounted for 75%, the traditional PCB accounted for approximately 25% in  the total production, aluminum and excellent thermal plate products provide lighting and flat panel display industry use, the market for energy-efficient LED lighting demand is still concerned, LED aluminum heat circuit board supplying accounted for the overall good of the total revenue of 1.633 billion yuan in 2013 the proportion of about 8% of total good in March 2014 and in April of LED cooling plate proportion of total revenue reached 10% -12 %, while the estimated 2014 LED lighting good proportion of the total heat dissipation plate Societe Generale will increase to 15% of total revenue.

According to global market research firm LEDinside survey, LED bulb and high consumer acceptance because the alternative is strong, the market demand for the highest type of replacement light source, in 2014 the global LED Bulb quantity demand will grow 86 percent, indicating LED bulb is about to become the next generation of major lighting types.