China CCL manufacturer Guoji is planning to build PCB factory in Anhui


China CCL manufacturer Guoji is planning to build PCB factory in Anhui

China CCL manufacturer Guoji has disclosed in July 17 evening that the company recently invested in Jinzhai county planning to build a PCB factory, to construct a complete industrial chain, while further consolidating its leading position in the CCL industry.

Guoji reports that due to great efforts to Jinzhai excellent investment environment and county government support policies and incentives, the company plans to invest in Jinzhai County to found a modern industrial park for  "PCB printed circuit board manufacturer project" through registration Anhui Jinhui (tentative name) as the implementing body of the project. Project in three phases, a project investment 100 million yuan, is expected to cover 130 acres, with an annual PCB printed circuit board suppler with the capability of 2.4 million square meters per year.

To be established in Anhui Jinhui Technology Limited (tentative name) registered capital of 20 million yuan, Guoji  will contribute its own funds, accounting for 100% of the registered capital, the company's legal representative Cheng Jing, business scope covers all types of PCB development and production of printed circuit boards and related products, new electronic components and related process equipment, production, marketing, processing CCL.

It is reported that Guoji  company intends to invest in the construction of this PCB factory project, mainly the production of marketable, in line with industry trends PCB electronics products. The main customers are the major electronics manufacturers. The company will get new profit growth point and increase the economic benefits through the production and sale of PCB products, in other side, by the PCB production, sales and service, directly facing the electronics product market, understand well on all aspects of performance, technology, quality and other different needs for CCL raised by the end customer, timely development, production to meet different customer needs, merchantability counterparts in high-performance, cost-effective products CCL, build a complete industrial chain company, while enhancing the bargaining power of the company CCL products, to further consolidate its leading position in the CCL industry.